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In today’s demanding and complex business environment, the outcome of a contract dispute can affect the very survival of a company. Contract disputes can be highly complex, and you need an attorney who understands the law and can help you make a calculated decision. Retaining an experienced lawyer with experience in all aspects of business litigation may decide the future of your entire business.

At Snell Legal, our contract litigation attorney in Daytona Beach has handled thousands of cases in litigation over decades and has a lengthy track record of success. He has been AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®, their highest rating in ability and ethics, for more than 20 years. He and the rest of the Snell Legal team can guide you through each stage of the process as we protect the best interests of your business.

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Contract Dispute Cases We Represent

Having a business means dealing with contracts. Even a small business can run into a complex contract dispute requiring litigation. For more than 30 years, Snell Legal has handled all types of contract litigation cases.

Often, contract litigation cases arise due to disputes involving:

  • Supplies and suppliers, including timeliness of delivery and quality of goods
  • Implied agreements from delivery of invoices or exchange of forms
  • Licensing, including performance and geographic limitations
  • Trading contracts, including ISDA forms
  • Merchant and credit card processing
  • Shareholder & partnership disagreements
  • Employment matters, such as non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Intellectual property
  • Construction & real estate
  • Unfair competition claims, including tortious interferance

We know how important these matters are to our clients, which is why attorney Greg Snell fights relentlessly for the results they need. Throughout the legal process we will stay in regular communication with you to ensure you are always current on the status of your matter. You can rely on us for well-informed advice and strong representation every step of the way.

What Exactly is a Contract Dispute?

A contract dispute is when one, or both parties, disagree about the terms of a contract. This creates problems since the contract is no longer valid. It can then be challenged in court.

Understanding Breach of Contract Claims

A "breach of contract" is when one party fails in fulfilling the promises laid out in an agreement. A breach can also occur if one party threatens or suggests they may fail to deliver on a contracted promise, or if there has been interference with a party in successfully fulfilling their duties.

A breach of contact can occur when a party bound to uphold a contracted agreement:

  • Fails to deliver services or goods
  • Fails to complete a job
  • Fails to pay within the specified time frame
  • Provides substandard goods or services

These issues can happen in a variety of ways, depending on the situation and terms of the contract.

The four main forms of a breach of contract include:

  • Actual - One party refuses to fulfill their agreement or performs their agreement incompletely
  • Anticipatory - One party announces their intention to not fulfill their agreement
  • Material - A party ends up with a different result or product than what was specified in the contract
  • Minor / Partial - A party fails to perform a part of the agreement, even though the requested product or service was ultimately delivered

Both written and oral contracts can be subject to a breach of contract. One party may claim that they were under no contract to the other because there is nothing in writing, but oral contracts are still considered with the same legality as written contracts.

Litigating a Breach of Contract Case

When a contract is breached, the affected party can often pursue a remedy through litigation. Once one party has identified where a breach occurred, they must be able to prove certain elements to the courts to support their case.

In the state of Florida, you must prove the following elements for your breach of contract case:

  • A valid contract exists
  • A material breach occurred or will occur
  • Damages were incurred as a result

It is highly recommended to have an attorney write a Before Action breach of contract letter before starting litigation. This letter should include details of the breach of contract, the litigator's claim, and details on the additional legal action that will be taken if the breaching party does not remedy the breach.

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Proving a contract issue and the resulting losses or damages is essential to determining compensation. At Snell Legal, PLLC, our litigation team can help protect you and your business's best interests in a breach of contract case.

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